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We are a team of IT-minded developers with many years of experience in the field of native mobile application development with passion in innovative UI/UX.

android native development, angular - react development, custom it systems, front-end development, ios native development, prototype, ui, ux

  1. Loqito – Bluetooth lock for your bike bike security bike share bike lock bike sharing bike mobile ui mobile apps mobile app design ux design uidesign uxdesign mobile app mobile app design ui ux
  2. Apple Watch | Parking Prolongation App uidesigns app design parking prolongation parking app parking app animation ui animation watch smartwatch app uidesign design smartwatch apple watch apple ui design ui
  3. Housing landing page website landing page clean design ux ui
  4. Festival Guide App Concept uidesigns uidesign festival guide festival app festival app design design app ui ui design
  5. Eurovea City shopping office architecture website city colors real estate development layouts
  6. Landing page for construction company website landing page simple design ux ui
  7. Marostav | presentation website landing page ui website uidesign webdesign presentational website landing page web ui design
  8. VEAR / Fashion e-commerce template template fashion store fashion clothes e-commerce website e-commerce design shopping process shopping shopping cart shop store branding web design e-shop eshop ecommerce e-commerce webdesign ux
  9. Beats by Dre Concept app headphones ux iphonex ios iphone
  10. Eurovea City city developer real estate animation landing page landing website web ui
  11. How does it work - Taxi app taxi website web minimal product page map landing page ux clean ui
  12. Maserati Configurator App - Intro Screen dark black clean design minimal loading onboarding intro app web car ux ui uxui
  13. Contact centre centre hello web app dashboard ticketing call chat touch4it contact centre call centre multitasking chat window webgad crm interaction design
  14. Landing Page - Touch4IT app website web interface clean simple clean interface simple black layout landing page ui
  15. Price Calculator design layout calculator price ux ui website web
  16. Online Insurance design layout modern fresh color vibrant insurance ux ui website web
  17. Learning App ui ux education teach fun learn application app mobile dragndrop iphonex ios
  18. Event Task Manager - Tab Bar Interaction progress task calendar iphone event manager event menu tap bar add ui
  19. Event Task Manager - Tab Bar Interaction ios tab bar tabbar floating button progress iphone event manager event menu animation interaction tap bar add ui
  20. Hello dribbble clean flat simple ux design illustration ui debut first shot
  21. New JTRE Web Design web development real estate buildings design ui ux bratislava rent property homepage
  22. AuMonet - Gold backed cryptocurrency ico cryptocurrency webdesign interface gold gif clean web branding ui ux animation
  23. Dating App - Chat text message purple ui list dating chat app iphone ios
  24. Hike Routes App ui color like favourite layout grid app list hike ios iphone iphonex
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